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Zhiyuan Oa Unauthorized

By kannthu

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Zhiyuan Oa Unauthorized

What is the "Zhiyuan Oa Unauthorized" module?

The "Zhiyuan Oa Unauthorized" module is designed to detect unauthorized access to the Zhiyuan Oa software. It is a security scanning module that helps identify potential vulnerabilities or misconfigurations in the software. The severity of this module is classified as low, indicating that the potential impact may not be severe but still requires attention. The original author of this module is pikpikcu.


The "Zhiyuan Oa Unauthorized" module aims to identify unauthorized access to the Zhiyuan Oa software. If successful, it could potentially expose sensitive information or allow unauthorized individuals to perform actions within the system. It is important to address any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations detected by this module to prevent unauthorized access and protect the integrity of the software.

How does the module work?

The "Zhiyuan Oa Unauthorized" module works by sending HTTP requests to the targeted software and evaluating the responses based on predefined matching conditions. One example of an HTTP request sent by this module is:

GET /seeyon/;/

The module then applies matching conditions to the response to determine if unauthorized access is possible. The matching conditions include:

- Checking for the presence of specific words like "serverIdentifier" and "companyName" in the response. - Verifying that the response header contains the word "application/json". - Ensuring that the response status is 200 (OK).

If all the matching conditions are met, the module will report a potential vulnerability or misconfiguration related to unauthorized access to the Zhiyuan Oa software.




max-request: 1

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1. HTTP Request template
Matching conditions
word: serverIdentifier, companyNameand
word: application/jsonand
status: 200
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No matching conditions.
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