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Yellowfin Information Collaboration - Detect

By kannthu

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Yellowfin Information Collaboration - Detect

What is the "Yellowfin Information Collaboration - Detect" module?

The "Yellowfin Information Collaboration - Detect" module is a test case designed to detect misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, or software fingerprints related to the Yellowfin Information Collaboration software. It is an informative module that provides insights into potential security issues or weaknesses in the targeted software.

This module has a severity level of "informative," indicating that it aims to provide information rather than actively exploit or compromise the system.

This module was authored by DhiyaneshDK.


The impact of this module depends on the specific misconfiguration, vulnerability, or software fingerprint it detects. It can help identify potential security risks, such as exposed sensitive information, weak authentication mechanisms, or outdated software versions. Understanding the impact requires analyzing the specific findings reported by the module.

How does the module work?

The "Yellowfin Information Collaboration - Detect" module operates by sending HTTP requests and evaluating the responses against predefined matching conditions. It uses a set of matchers to identify specific patterns or characteristics in the target software.

For example, one of the matching conditions checks if the HTTP response status is 200, indicating a successful request. Additionally, it searches for specific keywords, such as "<title>Yellowfin Information Collaboration</title>" and "alt="Yellowfin"," within the response body.

By combining these matching conditions, the module determines whether the target software exhibits the expected behavior or characteristics associated with Yellowfin Information Collaboration.

It is important to note that the module does not provide the actual JSON definitions or the complete technical implementation details. Instead, it focuses on describing the purpose and functionality of the module.

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