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worksites takeover detection

By kannthu

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What is the "worksites takeover detection?"

The "worksites takeover detection" module is designed to detect potential takeover vulnerabilities in worksite software. It focuses on identifying misconfigurations or vulnerabilities that could allow unauthorized access or control over the worksite.

This module has a high severity level, indicating that the identified vulnerabilities can pose a significant risk to the security and integrity of the worksite software.

This module was authored by melbadry9.


If a takeover vulnerability is detected and exploited, it could lead to unauthorized access, control, or manipulation of the worksite software. This can result in data breaches, unauthorized modifications, or disruption of critical operations.

How does the module work?

The "worksites takeover detection" module utilizes HTTP request templates and matching conditions to identify potential takeover vulnerabilities. It performs various checks and analyzes the responses received from the worksite software.

One example of an HTTP request used by this module could be:

GET /dangling-dns/xyz-services/ddns-worksites HTTP/1.1
Host: [target host]

The module applies specific matching conditions to the responses received from the worksite software. These conditions include:

- DSL Matcher: The module checks if the host is not the same as the IP address. - Regex Matcher: The module searches for specific patterns, such as "Company Not Found" or "you're looking for doesn't exist," indicating potential takeover vulnerabilities.

By combining these matching conditions, the module can identify worksite software instances that may be susceptible to takeover vulnerabilities.

It is important to note that this module is just one test case within the Vidoc platform, which utilizes multiple modules to perform comprehensive scanning and detection of various security issues.

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