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WEMS Enterprise Manager - Cross-Site Scripting

By kannthu

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What is the "WEMS Enterprise Manager - Cross-Site Scripting?" module?

The "WEMS Enterprise Manager - Cross-Site Scripting" module is designed to detect a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the WEMS Enterprise Manager software. This vulnerability has a high severity level and can be exploited by remote attackers.

WEMS Enterprise Manager is a software that allows users to manage and monitor their enterprise systems. It is important to address this vulnerability to ensure the security and integrity of the software.

This module was authored by pikpikcu.


A cross-site scripting vulnerability in the WEMS Enterprise Manager software can allow attackers to inject malicious scripts into web pages viewed by users. This can lead to various security risks, such as unauthorized access to sensitive information, session hijacking, and the execution of arbitrary code on the user's browser.

It is crucial to address this vulnerability promptly to prevent potential attacks and protect the confidentiality and integrity of user data.

How does the module work?

The "WEMS Enterprise Manager - Cross-Site Scripting" module works by sending a specific HTTP request to the "/guest/users/forgotten" endpoint with a manipulated email parameter. The module then checks the response for specific conditions to determine if the vulnerability is present.

For example, the module checks if the response status is 200, if the response body contains the script "<script>confirm(document.domain)</script>", and if the response header includes the word "text/html". If all these conditions are met, the module identifies the presence of the cross-site scripting vulnerability.

By using these matching conditions, the module can accurately detect the vulnerability and provide valuable information for further remediation.

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