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Watershed Login Panel - Detect

By kannthu

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The Watershed Login Panel - Detect module is a module designed for the Vidoc platform, specifically targeting the Watershed software. This module's primary function is to detect the presence of the Watershed login panel. It is an informative module with a severity level of "informative".

The module works by sending an HTTP GET request to "/app/outside.html#/signin" and analyzing the response. To match the conditions, the response body must contain the phrase "Watershed LRS", the response header must contain the word "text/html", and the response status must be 200. If these conditions are met, the module will report a successful detection.

The Watershed software is a system used for learning record storage (LRS) and is commonly used in educational and training environments. By detecting the presence of the Watershed login panel, this module helps in identifying the software and its configuration.

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Matching conditions
word: Watershed LRSand
word: text/htmland
status: 200
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