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Syncthing Dashboard Exposure

By kannthu

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What is the "Syncthing Dashboard Exposure?"

The "Syncthing Dashboard Exposure" module is designed to detect potential misconfigurations in the Syncthing dashboard. Syncthing is an open-source file synchronization tool that allows users to sync files between devices securely. This module focuses on identifying any exposure or misconfiguration in the Syncthing dashboard, which could potentially lead to security vulnerabilities.

This module has a medium severity level, indicating that it may pose a moderate risk if left unaddressed. It is important to address any identified issues to ensure the security of the Syncthing dashboard.

This module was authored by fabaff.


If the Syncthing dashboard is exposed or misconfigured, it could potentially allow unauthorized access to sensitive information or provide an entry point for attackers to exploit the system. This can lead to data breaches, unauthorized modifications, or other security incidents.

How does the module work?

The "Syncthing Dashboard Exposure" module works by performing HTTP requests and applying specific matching conditions to identify potential vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. It checks for the presence of specific content in the HTTP response body and verifies that the response status is 200 (OK).

For example, one of the matching conditions may involve searching for the presence of the text "The Syncthing Authors" and "Actions" in the response body. Additionally, the module checks if the response status is 200, indicating a successful request.

By analyzing the HTTP responses and matching conditions, the module can determine if the Syncthing dashboard is exposed or misconfigured, allowing users to take appropriate actions to address any identified issues.

For more information about Syncthing, you can visit their official website:


- max-request: 1

- verified: true

- shodan-query: http.html:'ng-app="syncthing"'

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word: The Syncthing Authors., Actionsand
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