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PowerCom Network Manager

By kannthu

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What is the "PowerCom Network Manager?"

The "PowerCom Network Manager" module is designed to detect misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, or software fingerprints related to the PowerCom Network Manager software. It is an informative module that provides insights into potential security issues.


This module helps identify any potential security risks or weaknesses in the PowerCom Network Manager software. By detecting misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, or software fingerprints, it allows users to take appropriate actions to mitigate these risks and enhance the overall security of their network.

How the module works?

The "PowerCom Network Manager" module utilizes HTTP request templates and matching conditions to perform its scanning. It sends HTTP requests to the target system and analyzes the responses based on predefined conditions.

For example, one of the matching conditions may involve checking the HTTP response status code, such as 200 (OK), to ensure that the target system is accessible and functioning properly.

The module also includes specific matchers that search for the presence of the phrase "PowerCom Network Manager" in the response body. This helps identify instances where the software is being used or referenced.

Overall, the module combines various techniques to detect potential misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, or software fingerprints associated with the PowerCom Network Manager software.

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