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Oracle Opera - Login

By kannthu

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What is "Oracle Opera - Login"?

The "Oracle Opera - Login" module is designed to detect the presence of the Oracle Opera software and identify potential misconfigurations or vulnerabilities. Oracle Opera is a widely used property management system (PMS) in the hospitality industry, providing comprehensive solutions for hotel operations and guest services.

This module has an informative severity level, meaning it provides valuable insights and information without posing an immediate threat to the system.

This module was authored by DhiyaneshDK.


The impact of this module depends on the specific misconfigurations or vulnerabilities detected. It aims to identify potential security weaknesses in the Oracle Opera software, which could lead to unauthorized access, data breaches, or other security incidents. By detecting these issues, system administrators can take appropriate measures to mitigate the risks and enhance the overall security posture of their Oracle Opera installations.

How does the module work?

The "Oracle Opera - Login" module utilizes HTTP request templates and matching conditions to identify the presence of Oracle Opera. It performs the following checks:

- It searches for the presence of the "<title>Oracle, OPERA</title>" tag in the HTML body of the response. - It verifies that the HTTP response status code is 200, indicating a successful request.

If both conditions are met, the module considers the Oracle Opera software to be present and potentially vulnerable to misconfigurations or other security issues.

Here is an example of an HTTP request that the module may send:

GET / HTTP/1.1

By analyzing the responses and matching conditions, the module provides valuable information about the presence and potential vulnerabilities of Oracle Opera installations.

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