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InfluxDB Admin Interface Panel - Detect

By kannthu

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This module, named InfluxDB Admin Interface Panel - Detect, is a JSON definition designed for the Vidoc platform. It is developed to detect misconfigurations in the InfluxDB admin interface panel. InfluxDB is a software linked with data visualization and management.

The severity of this module is categorized as informative, which means it provides valuable information rather than indicating a critical security vulnerability.

The module works by utilizing HTTP request templates and matching conditions. It sends an HTTP request to the target, and the conditions set in the module's JSON definition determine if the target matches the expected behavior.

An example HTTP request sent by this module could be:

GET / HTTP/1.1

To determine a successful match, the module includes two conditions:

  • The response body must contain the HTML tag <title> with the content "InfluxDB - Admin Interface". This validates the presence of the InfluxDB admin interface.
  • The response status code must be 200, indicating a successful HTTP request.

When both conditions are met, the module identifies a potential misconfiguration in the InfluxDB admin interface panel.

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word: <title>InfluxDB - Admin Interface</title...and
status: 200
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