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Hatenablog Takeover Detection

By kannthu

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What is the "Hatenablog Takeover Detection?"

The "Hatenablog Takeover Detection" module is designed to detect potential takeover vulnerabilities in Hatenablog, a popular blogging platform. This module focuses on identifying misconfigurations or vulnerabilities that could allow unauthorized individuals to gain control over a Hatenablog account or website. The severity of this module is classified as high, indicating the potential for significant security risks.

This module was authored by pdteam.


A successful takeover of a Hatenablog account or website can have serious consequences. It can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information, manipulation of content, defacement of the website, or even complete loss of control over the account or website. This can result in reputational damage, financial loss, and potential legal implications.

How does the module work?

The "Hatenablog Takeover Detection" module operates by performing specific tests to identify potential vulnerabilities or misconfigurations in Hatenablog. It utilizes HTTP request templates and matching conditions to analyze the responses received from the target website.

One of the matching conditions used by this module is to check if the response contains the phrase "404 Blog is not found." This indicates that the blog page is not accessible, which could be a sign of a takeover vulnerability.

Additionally, the module checks if the host is not an IP address, as specified in the DSL (Domain Specific Language) condition "Host != ip." This condition helps identify potential misconfigurations where the host is not properly set up.

By combining these matching conditions, the module can detect potential takeover vulnerabilities in Hatenablog.

Here is an example of an HTTP request that the module might send:

GET / HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Vidoc

This request is used to analyze the response and determine if any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations are present.

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