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H3C Server - Unauthenticated Access

By kannthu

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H3C Server - Unauthenticated Access

What is the "H3C Server - Unauthenticated Access?"

The "H3C Server - Unauthenticated Access" module is designed to detect a misconfiguration in H3C servers that allows unauthorized access without any authentication requirements. H3C servers are network devices commonly used in enterprise environments. This module focuses on identifying a specific vulnerability that can be exploited to gain unauthorized access to the server.

This module has a high severity level, indicating that it poses a significant risk to the security of the H3C server. It is important to address this vulnerability promptly to prevent potential unauthorized access and potential compromise of sensitive data.


If the H3C Server - Unauthenticated Access vulnerability is successfully exploited, an attacker can gain unauthorized access to the server without the need for any authentication credentials. This can lead to various security risks, including:

- Unauthorized access to sensitive data stored on the server - Potential modification or deletion of critical server configurations - Possible disruption of network services and operations

It is crucial to address this vulnerability to prevent potential security breaches and protect the integrity and confidentiality of the H3C server and its associated network.

How the module works?

The "H3C Server - Unauthenticated Access" module works by sending a specific HTTP request to the target server and analyzing the response to determine if the vulnerability is present. The module uses a set of matching conditions to identify the vulnerability.

One example of an HTTP request used by this module is:

GET /audit/gui_detail_view.php?token=1&id=%5C&uid=%2Cchr(97))%20or%201:%20print%20chr(121)%2bchr(101)%2bchr(115)%0d%0a%23&login=admin

This request is designed to exploit the vulnerability and trigger a specific response from the server.

The module uses two matching conditions to confirm the presence of the vulnerability:

- The response body must contain the words "admin", "审计管理员", and "错误的id". - The response status code must be 200.

If both conditions are met, the module identifies the vulnerability as present on the target H3C server.

It is recommended to address this vulnerability by implementing appropriate security measures, such as applying patches or configuration changes to ensure proper authentication requirements are in place.

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