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ESPHome Dashboard Exposure

By kannthu

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What is the "ESPHome Dashboard Exposure" module?

The "ESPHome Dashboard Exposure" module is designed to detect vulnerabilities in the ESPHome Dashboard. ESPHome is an open-source framework that allows users to control and monitor their ESP8266/ESP32-based devices. This module specifically targets the ESPHome Dashboard, which is a web-based interface used to manage and configure ESPHome devices.

This module focuses on identifying misconfigurations or vulnerabilities in the ESPHome Dashboard that could potentially expose sensitive information or allow unauthorized access to the devices. It is important to address these vulnerabilities to ensure the security and privacy of the connected devices and the data they handle.

The severity of this module is classified as medium, indicating that the identified vulnerabilities could have a moderate impact on the security of the ESPHome Dashboard and the connected devices.


If vulnerabilities are detected in the ESPHome Dashboard, it could lead to unauthorized access to the devices or exposure of sensitive information. This could potentially allow attackers to manipulate the devices, compromise their functionality, or gain access to the data they handle. It is crucial to address these vulnerabilities promptly to mitigate any potential risks and ensure the security of the connected devices and the network they are part of.

How the module works?

The "ESPHome Dashboard Exposure" module works by performing various checks and matching conditions to identify potential vulnerabilities in the ESPHome Dashboard. It utilizes HTTP request templates and matching conditions to analyze the responses received from the targeted web interface.

For example, the module may send an HTTP request to the ESPHome Dashboard and analyze the response to check if the status code is 200, indicating a successful response. It also checks if the response body contains the specific phrase "Dashboard - ESPHome" to confirm that the targeted web interface is indeed the ESPHome Dashboard.

By combining these matching conditions, the module can identify potential misconfigurations or vulnerabilities in the ESPHome Dashboard. Once vulnerabilities are detected, the module can trigger appropriate actions, such as reporting the vulnerability for further investigation and remediation.

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