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Database Error

By kannthu

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What is the "Database Error?" module?

The "Database Error" module is a test case designed to detect misconfigurations in a database. It targets software that may be vulnerable to database errors. The severity of this module is classified as informative, meaning it provides valuable information but does not pose a direct threat. The original author of this module is dhiyaneshDK.


This module aims to identify potential misconfigurations in a database, which can have various impacts depending on the specific vulnerability found. Database errors can lead to data corruption, unauthorized access, or even complete system failure. It is crucial to address any detected misconfigurations promptly to ensure the security and stability of the database.

How does the module work?

The "Database Error" module utilizes HTTP request templates and matching conditions to identify misconfigurations in a database. It sends HTTP requests to the target software and checks for specific conditions that indicate a database error. One example of a matching condition is checking for a response status code of 500, which commonly indicates a server-side error.

By analyzing the responses and matching conditions, the module can determine if a database error is present. It provides valuable information about the potential misconfiguration, allowing users to take appropriate actions to resolve the issue.

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