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CodeMeter Webadmin Dashboard

By kannthu

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CodeMeter Webadmin Dashboard

What is the CodeMeter Webadmin Dashboard?

The CodeMeter Webadmin Dashboard is a module designed to detect misconfigurations in the CodeMeter software. CodeMeter is a licensing and protection solution used by software developers to protect their intellectual property. This module focuses on identifying potential vulnerabilities and exposures in the CodeMeter Webadmin Dashboard.

This module has a low severity level, indicating that the identified issues may not pose a significant threat but should still be addressed to ensure the security of the CodeMeter Webadmin Dashboard.

Author: DhiyaneshDk


If misconfigurations or vulnerabilities are found in the CodeMeter Webadmin Dashboard, unauthorized individuals may gain access to sensitive information or exploit the system for malicious purposes. This can lead to unauthorized use of licensed software, data breaches, or other security incidents.

How does the module work?

The CodeMeter Webadmin Dashboard module performs HTTP requests and applies matching conditions to identify potential misconfigurations or vulnerabilities. It looks for specific words, such as "WebAdmin | Dashboard" and "CodeMeter," in the response body and checks if the response header indicates a content type of "text/html." Additionally, it verifies that the HTTP response status is 200 (OK).

By analyzing these conditions, the module determines if the CodeMeter Webadmin Dashboard is present and potentially misconfigured or vulnerable. It provides valuable insights to help administrators take appropriate actions to secure the system.

Example HTTP request:

GET /index.html

Matching conditions:

- The response body must contain the words "WebAdmin | Dashboard" and "CodeMeter". - The response header must indicate a content type of "text/html". - The HTTP response status must be 200 (OK).

For more information, please refer to the official documentation.

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