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Atlassian Bitbucket Public Repository Exposure

By kannthu

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Atlassian Bitbucket Public Repository Exposure

What is the "Atlassian Bitbucket Public Repository Exposure?"

The "Atlassian Bitbucket Public Repository Exposure" module is designed to detect misconfigurations in Bitbucket repositories. Bitbucket is a web-based version control repository hosting service that allows developers to collaborate on code projects. This module specifically targets public repositories on Bitbucket.

The severity of this module is classified as low, indicating that the potential impact of the detected misconfiguration is relatively minor.

This module was authored by DhiyaneshDk.


The impact of the "Atlassian Bitbucket Public Repository Exposure" module is related to the exposure of public repositories on Bitbucket. When a repository is misconfigured and set to public visibility, sensitive code, configuration files, and other project assets may be accessible to unauthorized individuals. This can potentially lead to unauthorized access, data leaks, and other security risks.

How the module works?

The "Atlassian Bitbucket Public Repository Exposure" module works by sending HTTP requests to specific endpoints on Bitbucket. It checks for the presence of certain conditions to determine if a repository is publicly visible.

One example of an HTTP request sent by this module is:

GET /repos?visibility=public

The module then applies matching conditions to the response received from the server. The matching conditions include:

- Checking if the response body contains the phrase "Public Repositories - Bitbucket". - Verifying if the response header includes the word "text/html". - Ensuring that the HTTP response status code is 200 (OK).

If all of these conditions are met, the module identifies the repository as publicly exposed.

It is important to note that this module is part of the Vidoc platform, which utilizes multiple modules to perform scanning and testing for various security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

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