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APCu service information leakage

By kannthu

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APCu Service Information Leakage

What is the "APCu service information leakage?"

The "APCu service information leakage" module is designed to detect a potential information leakage vulnerability in the APCu service. APCu (Alternative PHP Cache) is a PHP extension that provides user-level caching for PHP applications. This module focuses on identifying instances where sensitive information about the APCu service, such as version information, cache details, and memory usage, may be exposed.

This module has a low severity rating, indicating that while it may not pose an immediate threat, it is still important to address to prevent potential information disclosure.


If the APCu service information leakage vulnerability is present, an attacker may be able to gather valuable information about the server's configuration, including the version of APCu being used, cache details, and memory usage. This information can be used to identify potential weaknesses or exploit known vulnerabilities in the APCu service.

How the module works?

The module works by sending HTTP requests to specific paths associated with the APCu service, such as "/apc/apc.php" or "/apc.php". It then applies matching conditions to the responses received to determine if any sensitive information is leaked.

For example, the module checks for the presence of specific keywords, such as "APCu Version Information," "General Cache Information," and "Detailed Memory Usage and Fragmentation," in the response. If any of these keywords are found, it indicates a potential information leakage vulnerability.

By detecting and reporting such vulnerabilities, this module helps administrators identify and address potential security risks in their APCu service configuration.

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