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Apache Solr Admin Panel - Detect

By kannthu

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What is the "Apache Solr Admin Panel - Detect?"

The "Apache Solr Admin Panel - Detect" module is designed to detect the presence of the Apache Solr admin panel. Apache Solr is an open-source search platform built on Apache Lucene. The admin panel provides a web-based interface for managing and configuring Solr instances. This module focuses on identifying instances of the admin panel, which can help in identifying potential misconfigurations or vulnerabilities.

This module has an informative severity level, meaning it provides valuable information but does not indicate a direct security risk.

Author: pdteam


The detection of the Apache Solr admin panel does not directly imply any impact or vulnerability. However, it can indicate potential security risks if the admin panel is accessible without proper authentication or if it is misconfigured, allowing unauthorized access or manipulation of the Solr instance.

How does the module work?

The module works by sending an HTTP GET request to the "/solr/" path and analyzing the response body. It looks for the presence of the "" string in the response body. If this string is found, it indicates the detection of the Apache Solr admin panel.

Example HTTP request:

GET /solr/ HTTP/1.1
Host: [target_host]

The module uses a single matching condition, which checks if the response body contains the "" string. If the condition is met, the module reports the detection of the admin panel.

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