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Aerohive NetConfig UI

By kannthu

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Aerohive NetConfig UI Module

What is the "Aerohive NetConfig UI?"

The Aerohive NetConfig UI module is designed to detect misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in the Aerohive NetConfig user interface. This user interface provides a fundamental set of configurations for configuring basic network and HiveManager connectivity settings, as well as uploading new IQ Engine images to Extreme Networks APs. The severity of this module is classified as informative.

Author: pussycat0x


This module helps identify potential misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in the Aerohive NetConfig UI. By detecting these issues, organizations can take appropriate actions to secure their network and ensure proper configuration settings.

How the module works?

The Aerohive NetConfig UI module works by sending HTTP requests to the target system and matching the responses against specific conditions. One example of an HTTP request sent by this module is a GET request to the "/index.php5" path.

The module uses two matching conditions:

- Matcher 1: It checks if the response body contains the "" tag. - Matcher 2: It verifies if the response status is 200 (OK).

If both conditions are met, the module considers the target system to have the Aerohive NetConfig UI.

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Concurrent Requests (1)
1. HTTP Request template
Matching conditions
word: <title>Aerohive NetConfig UI</title>and
status: 200
Passive global matcher
No matching conditions.
On match action
Report vulnerability