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Detects Apache Server Status

By klaudia

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What is "Detects Apache Server Status?"

The "Detects Apache Server Status" module is designed to identify if the Apache web server's server status page is accessible to unauthorized users. Apache Server Status provides a detailed overview of the server's current status and performance, including information such as the number of requests being processed and the number of active child processes. This module focuses on detecting potential misconfigurations that may expose sensitive server information.

This module has a severity level of low, indicating that the impact of a misconfiguration is relatively minor.


If the Apache Server Status page is accessible to unauthorized users, it can potentially expose sensitive information about the server's performance and configuration. This information can be valuable to attackers looking for vulnerabilities or weaknesses to exploit. It is important to restrict access to the server status page to authorized users only to prevent potential security risks.

How the module works?

The "Detects Apache Server Status" module works by sending HTTP requests to specific paths commonly used for accessing the server status page, such as "/server-status" and "/status". It then analyzes the response body for specific keywords, such as "Apache Server Status" and "Server Version", to determine if the server status page is accessible.

By matching the response body against predefined conditions, the module can identify if the server status page is accessible and potentially misconfigured. The module uses a combination of request templates and matching conditions to perform its detection.

Here is an example of an HTTP request sent by the module:

GET /server-status HTTP/1.1

The module also includes global matchers that check for specific keywords in the response body. In this case, it looks for the presence of "Apache Server Status" and "Server Version" to confirm the accessibility of the server status page.

By detecting misconfigurations in the Apache web server's server status page, this module helps identify potential security risks and allows administrators to take appropriate actions to secure their server.

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word: Apache Server Status, Server Version
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